Students Protest Salem College’s Response to HB2

Salem students protested what they feel is a lack of response from the college’s administration today, April 12 regarding the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, more commonly known as HB2. About 30 students participated in the protest rally, including members of the current and incoming SGA Executive Board. They held signs with various sayings and hashtags such as “Oppse HB2,” “#BlackLivesMatter” and “We Stand #InSolidarity NCQTPOC” and chanted sayings such as “Fight for freedom, make

Pat Berryhill: Through An Artist's Eye

Influenced by outside the box artists such as Warhol, Dali and Basquiat, Pat Berryhill approaches the classical with a new eye. She blends traditional photography with the technology of this generation, using her cellphone rather than a professional camera. Then she takes it even further by adding paint to her photos. Berryhill is working on a series titled “Through an Artist’s Eye” for Art-o-mat.  Art-o-mat, created by Clark Whittington, is a popular art vending machine ( creatively repurposed

The Truth About Female Superheroes

Let’s be honest: Right now, female superheroes aren’t good role models. They have the potential to become incredible role models who inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and fight their fears, but they’re currently portrayed as little more than sex objects. For example, look at the female superheroes in Death of Superman, a storyline from the early ’90s. Yes, this work is a bit older; however, it provides a good frame of reference for how women are treated within the comic book universe.